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 "Christ is the head of the house, the unseen guest at every meal, and the silent listener to every conversation."


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Welcome...please linger awhile with St. Francis and St. Clare...fall in love with... 

The Secular Franciscan Order

The Secular Franciscan Order, or SFO, gives the religious life to Catholic men and women who cannot leave home and family for monastery, seminary or convent.  It offers to people of all occupation and conditions a Rule that makes their life rich and peaceful by centering it on God.  Secular Franciscans profess the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, to “follow Christ in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi” (Rule, Article 1),  preaching the Gospel…using words when necessary.   It fills them with the charity of St. Francis, engaging them in apostolic work, which flows out into the community, offering help and comfort to those in need.

Individual Secular Franciscans gather in local fraternities to share fellowship, pray, witness to one another and grow in the knowledge of the Lord increasing their Faith.  The local fraternities in the United States are organized into Regions.  Queen of Peace Region under the patronage of our Blessed Mother Mary, whose feast we celebrate on December 8th, includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and the western section of Wisconsin.

From the days of its founding, the Secular Franciscan Order of St. Francis of Assisi has been the inspiration not only of the poor and the humble, but also of some of history’s towering geniuses.  It has developed the spirit of St. Francis in outstanding men like the artists Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Murillo; musicians such as Palestrina, Liszt and Gounod; explorers like Christopher Columbus; the writers Dante, Cervantes, Johannes, Jorgensen and Francis Thompson; such scientists as Galileo, Galvani, and Volta.

"Oh, what a joy to walk with the Lord as St. Francis did.  May you hear the call and experience the peace of Franciscan life".

Franks SFO Profession cropMary Queen of Peace Fraternity, St. Paul Mn. is proud to announce and welcome 93 year old, Frank Junghans, as he makes his Profession to the Secular Franciscan Order...


St. Anthony Spirituality Center

   A Resident Franciscan Community


Interested in becoming a Secular Franciscan?

USA, call 1-800-FRANCIS for information, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Find out more about the process of becoming a Secular Franciscan HERE


“Each day is a new discernment to make the decision to live our Franciscan covenant with God. "
Ilia Delio, OSF


St. Thomas More Fraternity

 Congratulations St. Thomas More Fraternity of Inver Grove Heights~44 Years!

The St. Thomas More Fraternity was established on April 21st, 1970 and celebrates it's 44th anniversary this year. In reflection of the Franciscan spirit- following Christ in the footsteps of St. Francis- a bronze plaque was created. The prayer of St. Francis along with the fraternity’s official date of establishment are displayed on the plaque. The plaque was presented with gratitude to Rev. Bob Hart, pastor of St. Patrick’s Church, and mounted in the Franciscan garden on the wall of St. Patrick’s rectory.

We encourage all visitors, especially the children, to visit the garden and listen to the words of a simple

prayer. A picture was taken of some of the Franciscan family members in the garden with the plaque

superimposed on the picture.

Our fraternity is working on becoming “more active”, “more visible” and “more joyful”.

pax et bonum, Sharon K. Hoffman OFS.


Celebrating the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi

October 3 

At sunset on October 3, 1226, as Francis of Assisi lay dying, he no doubt reflected on the beauty, the joy and the suffering he experienced throughout his life.  The early franciscan writngs tell us that his conversion to gospel living was spurred on by the call of Christ on the crucifix of San Damiano to rebuild “God’s house," much in need of repair and the breath of new life.

Francis himself would describe his pivotal moment of conversion as the embrace of the sore-covered leper. The kiss that Francis gave this suffering member of the Body of Christ would forever turn what was once repulsive for Francis into sweetness and joy.

When Francis of Assisi entered into eternal life, his successor as leader of the friars, Brother Elias, would proclaim to the friars that the very light had gone from their eyes, even as he recounted the awesome mystery of the wounds of Jesus imprinted in Francis’ flesh.



Greetings from...

Kim Pappas, QOP Minister

September 2014 

A new Regional Executive Council (REC) always brings new energy and focus for the Region. We had our first meeting in August, a kind of mini retreat to get to know each other and figure out our priorities for the next three years.   Kathy Taormina has gone to two Spiritual Assistants workshops.  Not surprisingly, SA's will definitely be one of our primary focuses.  Fraternity well-being was also discussed at length.  At any one time there are stable fraternities and those for who challenges exist. The REC wants to provide as much support to all the fraternities that we can.  As always, we "borrow" what we see as good in the region, in hopes of making other fraternities aware of what others are doing.

Gordon Walker, Regional Secretary is going to try and keep Tracings going in the short term; however he is hoping some good soul will step forward and take on the editor's position. I went to a NAFRA retreat that focused in on the similarities of St. Francis and Pope Francis presented by Br. Bill Short, OFM.


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